Friday, April 10, 2009 the Fiji Islands

Discover Your Dreams with a Holiday in Fiji

It's true: a luxury Fiji vacation is not a fantasy. Rarely does fantasy meet reality, but in Fiji, a holiday becomes a trip to paradise. There is a very good reason why almost any holiday brochure, poster or other advert tries to portray everyone’s dream idea of paradise: we’d all like to go there one day.

But looking out at another grey, damp Monday morning, images of palm trees and white sand, the swell of the deep, blue ocean rolling over itself to kiss the shores, the almost unmoving sun drenching everything in warm, golden rays, and the distant call of an exotic bird echoing from the misty groves seem so far away.

If you are used to luxury, you are likely reading this lying cocooned within the comfortable folds of your hammock, swinging lazily beneath the dappled palms as they flutter gently in the faintly discernable breeze; your only effort is timing your swings from side to side just right so that you catch hold of your chilled bottle of champagne.

Mind you, if you’re really doing this in style, you’d have a waiter on hand to do all that exhausting pouring yourself, leaving you to contemplate whether there could be any possible way of achieving the ultimate paradise island. So why Fiji, and not some other paradise island?

There can be few places on earth, quite literally, which can manage to live up to this ideal image, but without doubt, the Fiji islands are as close to paradise as it is ever possible to get. It really is possible to find your fantasy escape during a holiday in Fiji, your quiet, isolated bay, your very own palm trees and, should you choose to indulge yourself completely, service on hand to ensure your every whim is catered for.

A luxury Fiji vacation is not just a trip abroad, it is a real chance to indulge yourself; time here is time spent re-energising yourself, making time, and space, for you. With over 322 islands in the archipelago chain, you can be sure of finding your own isolated bay or inlet, your own private paradise. Despite the apparent isolation, however, it always seems to be some minor miracle that the waiters are still able to provide ice cold champagne whenever you so desire.

There is no such thing as a bad villa, or a villa without a view in Fiji, but there can be no doubt that, though all villas are equal, some are undoubtedly more equal than others. If you are truly to create your perfect paradise, nothing can quite compare to a beachfront villa. Just imagine waking up with the sunlight streaming across your room, the only sounds outside are the gentle drumming of the ocean waves just a few feet away, and the call of birds in the distance as they sing to each other of sun and life. Stepping outside to enjoy breakfast served to you on your veranda will transport you from the world you once knew. The only thing between you and the rest of the world is a hammock, two palm trees and soft, warm sand that is so white it almost looks like snow.

This all sounds very perfect, but you might start to wonder whether, day after day, you might want to look for something else to do to help break up all those endless hours of time dedicated to you. Why not hire a boat, and have a picnic hamper made up for you? It is a fact well proven that picnics always taste better when packed by someone else, and as you are driven across the water, and dropped off at a secluded, private bay, you will be able to enjoy getting away from all that getting away time. Although there are 322 islands, only 106 of these are inhabited, and in addition, there are over 500 islets. Your boat guide will certainly be able to find you a personal, private bay, where you are free to enjoy a well-earned picnic, complete with chilled wine.

Of course, a Fiji vacation is not just about the perfect paradise beaches. There are beautiful tropical forests, ideal for hiking or exploring, and after trekking along paths that look as though they lead to lost civilisations, nothing quite prepares you for the unexpected views which suddenly break out between the trees.

You might want to take your golf clubs, and experience the dazzling course available, although you may find the ocean views a little distracting. As well as enjoying a round of golf, whether you’re a professional or a keen amateur, you could always try your hand at croquet.

While you are admiring all that ocean, you’ll probably very quickly start to feel drawn towards its steadily beating rhythm, and whether you choose to go swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving, you’re certain to have an amazing time. There are coaches available to help teach you to scuba dive properly, leading to certification, but even if you just choose snorkelling, the wealth of life and colour here is unbelievable. After an enthusiastic exploration of this oceanic city, you may decide to enjoy a few of the treatments available at the luxury spas, before selecting what to eat for dinner from a menu that is as diverse as it is fresh.

There can be no doubt that a holiday in Fiji is the closest thing to paradise, and it is here that your fantasy island dreams can really come true. A trip here is an escape, not just from the humdrum world of home, but an escape from your everyday self, and a chance to explore a new world and a new you. A luxury Fiji vacation is exactly that - sheer luxury in a paradise setting.

Perth, Australia

Perth - capital of Paradise

Perth has something to offer every car hire holiday. If you are searching for sunshine, pristine beaches, winding rivers and rolling hills you will find it all here. Alternatively, the markets, nightlife and restaurants offer an abundance of choices for the most selective tourist. With attractions as diverse as the landscapes surrounding this pretty city, you will need to base yourself here for at least a week to take in everything there is to offer.

Western Australias capital city is widely known for its pristine beaches which stretch up and down the coast. This region is an underwater paradise, with the whale shark (the worlds largest fish) an attraction for divers, and friendly dolphins that swim to the waters edge. There is every type of landscape within driving distance. And you can return to Perth to relax and enjoy the culture of the city before you start another day trip filled with adventure.

One attraction you cant miss is the Perth Zoo, featuring over 1600 species. Located just five minutes from the city on the banks of the Swan River, you will discover interesting animals such as the Lemur, Siberian Tiger, Western Quoll and the cute Numbat. The children will love it here and it is open every day of the week.

The majestic Swan River meanders into the Swan Valley offering extensive wineries and art galleries. This is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or day trip. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a drive into the lush valley which is such a contrast from the beaches and aquatic attractions closer to the city. Spring is also a wonderful time to visit this region with the 'Spring in the Valley' festival bringing life and colour to the valley, and wildflowers literally everywhere you look.

Another great picnic idea is to head to the famous King Park, only a short walk from the city spreading over Mount Eliza, and enjoy the panoramic views of the river dotted with catamarans and yachts. Take a stroll through parklands or enjoy the magnificent botanical gardens.

Just across from Perth is Rottnest Island, which is just as popular with tourists as locals. The clear waters, fishing spots and the cute quokkas seem to own the island. The best way to see Rottnest is on push bike, which adds to the peace and tranquillity of the island. You are bound to find your own private beach with over sixty to discover, or visit the Rottnest Musuem for a walk back in time. Bring your snorkels and you will be delighted with the underwater world albeit with shipwrecks and coral reefs.

If you are staying at Rottnest overnight at one of the villas or camping sites, make sure you watch the spectacular sunset from the Quokkas Arms Pub. It truly is one of the best spots in the world to watch the sun setting over the Indian Ocean.

Less than half an hour from Perth is Fremantle, which is a port city that needs to be seen for its heritage buildings, museum and authentic shopping. The markets here are very popular with locals and tourists alike, with every type of cuisine available, and trendy caf├ęs lining the streets.

South from Perth you will find Mandurah, known for its Ocean Marina surrounded by cafes, shops and parklands. This is a great place to enjoy a day cruise out into the ocean to watch for dolphins, pelicans and water birds. There is every type of water activity available here, and it is a fishermans delight with an abundance of marine life.

Rockingham has everything for families and water lovers, with plenty of safe beaches, and sailing, snorkelling and surfing all enjoyable past-times. Two of the favourite attractions are the dolphin viewing tours which have a platform so you can see the dolphins swimming alongside you. Also taking the ferry out to Penguin Island is a must to see the fairy penguins in their own environment. This is a wonderful city to stay for a while to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and aquatic life.

Perth is also known for its swans, and a unique place to see the white swans is in Northam, which also has the longest suspension bridge in Australia. Nestled on the Avon River further inland from the city, you can also enjoy white water rafting, canoeing and hot air ballooning in this region.

Further into the hinterland, the Avon Valley National Park is fantastic for a day trip of weekend escape. Drive inland to York, where you will find an array of museums, galleries and old buildings. There is plenty of bush camping here and friendly towns scattered throughout the valley. The drive from Beverley to York promises panoramic views over lakes and countryside.

Perth is beautiful in so many ways. The friendliness of the people, the diversity of wildlife and marine life so close together, and the loveliness of the country make this a destination that will capture your heart. Fantastic as a base to visit Western Australia more extensively, make sure you start planning a self drive itinerary here soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eco Tourism in Malaysia

Travel Tourism In Malaysia

A bubbling, active melting pot of races and religions where malays, Indians, Chinese and many others cultural groups live together in peace and accord. Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastronomical glory, it has also made Malaysia residence to hundreds of colorful festivals. Its no speculate that we love celebrating and socializing. Geographically, Malaysia is as assorted as its traditions. One of Malaysia's key attractions is its tremendous contrasts. Soaring skyscrapers appear down upon timber houses built on stilts, and five-star hotels sit several meters away from antique reefs. For the wonderful holiday full of surprises, diverse cultures and normal wonders, the time is now, the position is Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur has a energetic nightlife scene and a attractive art and concert culture, which blends fashionable and conventional styles from many backgrounds. There is the widest range of fair actions accessible with state-of -the-art services to impress any honorable aficionado.

The structural design is rather odd and is definitely unique, from 100 year old mansions to overwhelming sky scrapers, and all within meters of each other. Malaysia is enriched with many beautiful islands. These islands consist of humid tropical forest which is must for scenery lovers. It fascinates a mixture of international tourists as they can take pleasure in and pander to various fun games such as boating, sailing, river rafting and paragliding etc. you can without difficulty enjoy an assortment of water sports and those who are not so athletic can certainly try fishing on the islands of Malaysia. You can smooth spot many tourists taking sunbath enjoying swimming. This radical structural conversion of Malaysia's economy which has been fairly impressive in these 40 years has been the consequence of practicality and a number of crucial steps taken by the Malaysian administration. Malaysia today is measured one of the world's foremost exporters of semiconductor devices, computer hard disk drives, audio and video products, and room air-conditioners.

A wonderful safe place comprising of island life, adventures, city enthusiasm and oriental culture & heritage, Malaysia has been attracting tourists from all alcove and curve of the world as an ideal travel destination for in excess of a decade now. With lively, enjoyable dance forms, with a fabulous culture that represent fruitfulness, observation and distinction, with complicated established festivals like the bamboo dance and the warrior dance, and with a strong sense of group of people, Malaysia is in fact a land of numerous cultures, wonders and attractions in the heart of Asia. Malaysia as a purpose of superiority, the travel/tourism development department of Malaysia has been able to increase the number of overseas tourists and also extend their average length of stay, thereby increasing Malaysia's tourism proceeds considerably over the years. Malaysia is one of the growing of South-East Asian tourism, a nation looking to the future while cherishing the ways of the past. Malaysia was first mentioned in Chinese and Sanskrit records of the seventh and eighth centuries. In following centuries the area was under the authority and loose control of various Thai and Indonesian empires, including the great Sumatra-based civilization of Sri Vijaya.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Pack For A Trip the Green Way

Going on a trip is exciting to-do. Months and days may have been spent in its preparation. You've saved each month from your spendings, taken off time from work, got a neighbour to look after the pet, and and now you are all set. All you have to do is pack your belongings. But how to pack them in an eco-friendly way? Here are some tips.

Remove all packaging waste from any packaged items before you travel. The countries you are travelling to may not be able to treat your package waste in a responsible manner. It's for you to see that it is disposed of properly.

Travel light, as lighter your baggage, the less energy your mode of transportation is going to consume. That includes yourself if you plan to do a lot of walking and cycling. Walking, cycling and public transport are the main forms of green travel. Shortening and combining car trips, tuning up your car, or driving a car that runs on cleaner fuel than conventional petrol or diesel, are also green alternatives.Take along only the essentials.

Travel-sized toiletries almost seem necessary. There are a few ways around this. If you are visiting friends and family, why bring anything more than a toothbrush? Use what they use. Try new toothpastes, soaps and shampoos, etc. For some allergenic people, buy travel-sized shampoo once, save the bottle and refill from your shampoo at home? Same can be done for almost every other toiletry.

One bag is all you need. Take along only the essentials. Make sure it is lightweight and wieldy. I've travelled across the globe and never needed more than a one duffle bag. The benefit of the one-bag system is that you don't have to wait at the conveyor belt for your bag, and there is no chance of airlines losing your luggage if you're holding onto it. If I have to carry around the bag, then prefer it to be as comfortable and as light as possible. You tend to buy less junk as you wont carry it around.