Thursday, October 18, 2007

Traveling to Tahiti for Romance or Honeymoon

In Tahiti a dream comes true. Heavenly beaches, fantastic resorts, excellent 5 star hotels, everything to make your vacation one that you will never forget. It is the perfect getaway for romance and even a honeymoon.

There are so many activities to choose from, like, taking long walks in the evening on the beach, visiting the local villages, sight seeing, scuba diving, surfing, horse back riding or just a private moment. Tahiti is the greatest island of French Polynesia.

Diving activities: Traveling here is wonderful for diving with the many varied sites and depths for the beginner to the most experience. The islands offer many drop-offs, wrecks, caves and even sharks.

Tahiti being your first stop in French Polynesia (unless you travel by boat), offers easy conditions and is the ideal place for rehabilitation dives. If you have enough time, I recommend you venture to the peninsula (Tahiti), one hour drive from Papeete, where you will discover a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere. The rich and various underwater activity and sceneries are competing with some of the most well-known and best rated destination sites in the world.

For the beginner, scuba diving is always the best alternative if you want to explore nature's beauties...and maybe lost treasures...

With over 800 marine species, French Polynesia is a unique travel destination for diving. Its 118 Islands offer unlimited resources, in a huge underwater environment.

Lagoons' crystal waters, impressive underwater cliffs, the amazing Big Blue of the Pacific Ocean are as many environments as there are exciting, surprising and unforgettable dives. It's live entertainment on a natural big screen! From beginners to advanced divers, there are diving sites suitable and safe for anyone.

The Society Islands, very popular with tourists, offer a large range of dives, usually easy-graded, nonetheless amazing (Anau and its mantas in Bora Bora) In the Australes, not frequented as much by tourists, you may cross path with the impressive whales (Rurutu) In Northern part of French Polynesia, the wild and unspooled Marquesas shelter giant mantas, hammer head sharks in its caves. Many unforeseen and surprising encounters. Wherever you dive in French Polynesia, you'll be surrounded by many varieties of fauna and flora, like barracudas, hump head wrasse, butterfly fishes, and huge gorgonian.

Just open your eyes and the show begins! Taking underwater photos and videos is a real pleasure because visibility is usually good, even excellent, especially outside lagoons and in passes where it can reach 50 meters plus. Be aware that the electric power the guides have with them might not be compatible with your own equipment (flash, battery charger). Don't forget to protect them from all external factors like sun, wind, sand, salt or water. Very few diving centers have photo and video equipment for rent. Some of them have good quality disposable underwater cameras for sale.

You can have your films processed in Tahiti? However, delay may be long, and prices might be higher than in your home state. The islanders strongly recommend the greatest care when you're shooting manta ray or a close up on the coral. Other divers will follow, and if you found the underwater environment in a pristine condition, it's because divers before you paid attention and respected it. Don't forget, you might return in a near future. Respecting the environment must be your first priority, to decide on your shooting.

More to come about traveling to Tahiti.

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