Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There are many places to visit during your Kerala trip

The next time you plan your holiday for yourself and your family or friends, why not consider making a Kerala trip, a trip to one of the most famous states of India. Kerala is one of the smallest states of India that has one of the biggest impressions in the international market as a wonderful place to visit for a vacation.

When on a Kerala trip, you get to visit some of the most pristine hill stations found in India with evergreens dotting the Western Ghats. There are rolling grasslands, shoals and rejuvenating fragrances of tea and coffee plantations that keep your senses alive with action.

A Kerala trip to the wilder parts of Kerala bring you to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks found in the country. You will find animal and plant life here that is pretty much unique to the state of Kerala. When on a Kerala trip, you have to just cast yourself in the serene environment of backwater islets while treating your body and soul to the wonderful art of India, ‘Ayurveda’.

On a backwater cruise on a country boat, you not only get to face the backwater life of Kerala, but can also enjoy invigorating massages provided to you in the country boat to make you feel really rejuvenated and relaxed after a round in the country boat. In addition to backwaters, while on your Kerala trip you get to see glistening brooks cascading down to the coastal plains of Kerala to laze through stretches of paddy fields, coconut trees and thus feed the famous backwaters and lakes of Kerala.

The sun and sand is a must for you on your Kerala trip where you get to pep up your spirits while under the tropical sun and feeling the pulse of its coastal life. If you are interested, you could enhance your gastronomy skills and give your taste buds a chance to savor some exotic, ethnic food available in Kerala during your Kerala trip.

Landmark monuments, memorials, forts, palaces and places of worship all indicate the socio-cultural and historical evolution in your Kerala trip. There are many indelible marks left by travelers from far off lands, while on a Kerala trip. To understand the significance, emotions and traditional practices of Kerala better, you have to take part in the many festivals and celebrations existing in this state.

When you take a Kerala trip, you are ensured that you are given the fullest value for the money and time that you have invested in making this Kerala trip. This is because Kerala is a place that offers you some of the best getaways when it comes to diversity in a perfect vacation.

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