Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Introduction to South Korea Culture - Modern And Tradition

Korea is a beautiful county with a history of over 5,000 years. It is hard as an American to comprehend a culture that has lasted that long when our history as a country only goes back a few hundred years. All of the historical sites have been preserved for future generations. These buildings, stone pagodas and lanterns, and other pieces of sculpture are known as National Treasures and are numbered. Seven sites have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Korean treasures included in the World Heritage List are Bulguksa Temple and nearby Seokguram Grotto; Haeinsa Temple's Changgyongp'ango (depositories for the Tripitaka Koreana Woodblocks); Jongmyo Shrine; Changdeokkung Palace Complex; Hwaseong Fortress; Kochang, Hwasun and Kanghwa Dolmen Sites; and Gyeongju Historic Areas. More information about the World Heritage Sites can be found ub each of the site's information and in theTeacher Activities.

Even with this rich history from the past, Korea can be seen as a progressive and modern country. The modern buildings of the big cities rival those of any other modern country, yet scenes from the past coexist with the new.

The people of Korea are very friendly and loving and are excited to try their English. All of the younger children are learning English. They know that their future depends upon being able to speak English. At this time only the bigger hotels have someone who can speak English but this will change. The Korean people want foreign
investors to come to Korea to help their economy. Korea will become a major tourist destination as Americans begin to learn about the beauty of Korea.

South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea is an East Asian country occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. To the north, it is bordered by North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), with which it was united until 1945. To the west, across the Yellow Sea, lies China and to the southeast, across the Korea Strait, lies Japan

South Korea occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and is between the Yellow Sea and the East Sea. Koreans trace their history back to Gojoseon kingdom in 2333 BC and has seen the vicissitudes of time to emerge as what one sees in the present. The country is homogenous with the population with Korean ethnicity and the rest few as the foreign migrant workers. South Korea today is one of the worlds technologically and scientifically advanced nation.

The country has hosted the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and FIFA World Cup 2002 that has displayed the culture and modernity of the nation. South Korea is a land of ancient traditions that is reflected in various forms. Here there are the ancient ruins, the scenic beauty, and the modernity all in a tranquil blend.

The tourist attractions include the Korean peninsula region with the mountains that is a treasure trove for the traveler who wants to be away from the crowded destinations. The capital Seoul is the most visited area and is the 10th largest city in the world. The city also has got to offer the tourist a variety of attractions to bring them back again. The nightlife that is vibrant and the variety of popular Korean cuisines is nothing but the many unforgettable experiences.

The southeastern region has the many archeological treasures that include Gyeongju (ancient capital of Silla kingdom) dates back to 57 BC. The area is nothing but an open air museum with many tombs, temples, that are attracts travelers. For those of you who want a romantic getaway the Jeju Island also called the little Hawaii has the mesmerizing scenic beauty and the tranquility of the nature. The beaches, the national parks, the man made attractions show cases that every traveler would find something here. The visit would enrich knowledge of the culture of this great place and also the people who are hospitable.

South Korea hotels cater to the needs of the travelers according to their style and budget. The luxury hotels offer modern amenities and excellent services to make the stay memorable. While the budget and the discount hotels offer accommodation that is good value for money.

The different types of hotels in South Korea like the resorts, the 5 Star hotel, apartments, the backpacker, the budget and the discount cater to the needs of the visitors. The hotels are located strategically and cater to the needs of the business and the leisure travelers.

If you have a chance, please come to Korea to find out a lot of interesting things in there. I hope that you like it and have a wonderful memory in Korea.

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