Monday, February 19, 2007

Travel Backpacking Packing Tips

Choosing a backpack is a very important part of backpacking. Your backpack is everything on a trip. It can determine how much you can carry, how well you travel and how you feel while backpacking. Making a good choice can set the tone for your whole backpacking experience.

When choosing a backpack it is critical to choose based upon fit. The amount of pockets and storage is a minor detail. The bottom line is if it does not fit well you will not use it regardless of it has all the features you desire. So, with that in mind, the following list explains things you should do when fitting a backpack.

- Consider the weight of your typical pack load. If you usually carry a heavier load then consider getting a lightweight pack.

- Measure your torso length. You will measure your back from the top to your lower back. All backpacks are labeled for torso size. If you fall between two sizes go to the larger size.

- When you put on the backpack the hip belt should fall right at your hips with the lumbar pad on your lumbar region.

- You should be able to move your arms freely without the shoulder harness getting in the way.

- Make sure when you try on a backpack that you put weight in it to simulate how it will fit when loaded.

- Once you have made sure that you can get all the straps in the correct position and it fits comfortable with weight you need to make sure you can move it in comfortably. You need to squat, walk around, preferable on flat ground and stairs.

- Make sure you can easily take the pack off and put it back on.

- Also make sure you can adjust the weight easily.

Now that you have went through all of this you can feel confident that you have bought a good backpack. You should be able to use it comfortably and easily once you get out on the trails. By doing all of the above things you will ensure that you have chosen a backpack that will enhance your experience not hinder it.

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