Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Briggs & Riley Luggage

Luggage is basically designed to protect your clothing and other belongings while traveling. In order to accomplish that goal, the luggage has to be able to withstand the rigors of airline, train, cruises, and taxi travel. Briggs & Riley has designed a line of luggage that gives travelers a better travel experience.

Every case is provided with a no-holds-barred guarantee that covers any and all damage, even if caused by a common carrier. They have developed a system called "reality engineering" and it means that Briggs & Riley luggage examines every damaged piece, and continuously improves and refines their cases. Should your case need repair, it can be shipped back to the company for repair or often returned to the place of purchase for repairs at no charge.

Besides the lifetime warranty, which covers functional damage from any kind of travel mishap, Briggs & Riley has many features that make it one of the most popular cases to accompany you on your travels. They’re exclusive outside handles means that the packing space inside is "flat" without the tube for the handle.

It gives you much more room to pack, and a smooth surface to hold your clothes. Your clothing is more likely to arrive wrinkle free when packed on a flat foundation. It's smarter to have your handle on the outside where it cannot interfere with your packing. The handle can also be adjusted to two positions. This makes is comfortable and convenient for all travelers.

Briggs & Riley baseline is available in two different models. The NXpandables has a one-touch expansion system for more space when needed. With just the push of a button, you can pack in up to 30% more space. This will accommodate a longer trip, or allow you to bring home many more souvenirs and purchases.

They also offer Superlights, which are the lightest upright cases in their class. All of the wheeled pieces are equipped with quiet-glide, wide profile wheels. There is also a Smartlink system, which allows you to quickly attach a smaller bag to the front of the larger wheeled case. Double zipper pulls are easy to open and close and are lockable.

Each piece is equipped with the TSA combination lock. This is the only combination lock permitted for use when flying in or out of airports. These locks have a key entry that bypasses the combination lock, similar to a master key used in hotels. The key is only used by airport security personnel and is not available to anyone else. The leather top handles on the luggage are retractable making it both elegant and easy to carry.

Briggs & Riley luggage is made of 2520D ballistic nylon outer fabric. It is self-repairing and resists wear, tear, water, dirt, and abrasions. The corners are protected with ABX corner guards. These are impact-resistant shields designed to prevent corner damage from impact and scratching. The cases feature hybrid frames for durability, flexibility and shape retention.

The baseline collection is known for its smart design with smart features. There are many totes and satchels designed with a back pocket, which will slide over the pull up handles. There are multiple organizer pockets inside for your travel essentials. Some of them have expansion features for longer or shorter trips. Many are designed to also be carried when sightseeing or for short overnight trips.

Travel is simpler when you can pull your entire luggage with one hand. Both lines are available in three stylish attractive colors, black, olive, and crystal. Yes, it's as simple as that!

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