Friday, April 11, 2008

Asia Tourist destinations in South Asia make the best of your time

Tourism in South Asia has been flourishing for past few years. With growing economic expansion of each South Asian nation, today these rapidly developing nations are going the whole hog to attract maximum tourist each coming year. South Asian Nations or in other words South Asia tourist destinations include Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka each of which is as beautiful and enticing as the other.

Bhutan Tourist Attractions
Well renowned all over across the globe as the last Shangri La (meaning- Utopian paradise) on earth, the Kingdom of Bhutan offers helluva lot of opportunities to the tourists to have fun. From awe inspiring snow-capped mountain peaks to ancient historical ruins, there are plethora of sights and highlights in Bhutan. A unique and a distinct Holiday destinations Asia, Bhutan is an excellent tourist destination. The virgin landscapes, the verdant woodland, the places of interest, the quaint villages… believe us, you will love the country.

India Tourist Attractions
Extremely popular tourist destination throughout the year, India is country that will not only amaze you but bewitch you. Vibrant with its cultural ethos and rich in history, India is a very diverse country. Spend your vacation in India and be bowled over by its sheer charm and enchanting splendor. Well known for ayurveda, Goan beaches, spicy Indian curries, green fields, The Taj … India attracts millions of tourist throughout the year.

Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions
Sri Lanka has its own uniqueness in every other aspect of tourism-whether it is food, tourist attractions, culture, museums and resorts, Sri Lanka is absolutely a class apart. People of different religion reside in this country and so people belonging to various ethnicities have ensured for its intriguing culture. Any visitor or tourist in Sri Lanka will find peace of mind in the serene environs of Buddhist monasteries. The country, besides high on greenery is also known for its Art. Sri Lankan music is distinct and soulful.

Nepal Tourist Attractions
Over the years, Nepal has seen numerous rulers and ruling dynasties. Nepal is a land that boggles your senses. With so many religious shrines, architectural wonders, heritage centers, and national parks every minute of your time spent in Nepal will be memorable.

Pakistan Tourist Attractions
Pakistan is a land of beautiful places of interest and exciting adventure. For every other kind of traveler, has something to explore in Pakistan. In the southern region you will find balmy beaches, lagoons and mangrove lush forests. The imposing peaks of the Himalayas, the Karakorams and the Hindu Kush mountains that lay in the north are very challenging for any mountain climber. The Karakoram Highway offers lovely views of the valleys in Pakistan. Cascading rivers, remote ethnicity, modern shopping malls and other attractions make Pakistan among the most sought after Asia tourist destinations.

Maldives Tourist Attractions
Among the most famous beach holiday destination, Maldives is famous for its balmy beaches, crystal blue sea water, corals and exotism. This Asia Tourist destination offers you exceptional activities to indulge in… ranging from water sports to eco tours.

With so much to see and do in Asia tourist destinations, you are bound to have a great time on your South Asia Tour.

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